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Actor Headshots

Anyone with a camera can shoot a headshot. Some will even take really nice photos of you. But a headshot is not supposed to be a portrait so you can look pretty. It's a tool (and an investment) to get an advantage in what is usually a very competitive field. As an actor, you're submitting for roles that you can carry according to your particular brand and persona. You want headshots that are going to give you THE BEST CHANCE of standing out for what Casting Directors are looking for.

Does 'anyone with a camera' even know about that? Is your 'pretty photo' the best tool to get you in the door?

[Side note: In Jenna Fischer's book "The Actor's Life: A Survival Guide", she talks about her journey through headshots before she got the right one that reflected her personality and got her the audition as Pam on The Office. The whole book is a good read.]

I've shot with some of THE best headshot photographers, including one of the best L.A. headshot photographers I know. I interact with working actors on a (nearly) daily basis. I'm constantly watching trends and looking out for what works and what gets people booked. THAT's why you should book your headshots with me.

Deak-1210220-51-Edit - Chris Lonsberry Media