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Playbook: Forgetting The Game - Apr 16, 2022
Playbook: Forgetting The Game - Apr 16, 2022

I bought a book called The Photographer's Playbook that contains 307 Assignments and Ideas. Each short "thing" might be as simple as a thought, a story or a quote. I'm using each entry to shoot whatever my interpretation is of whatever they're talking about. The rules I've created for myself say that I'm allowing myself to use programs and presets and post-editing to create some end result that originates with a photo inspired by the current entry. They do NOT have to be headshots or portraits. Honestly, they don't even have to be good but I always want to try to do my best. My hope is that it stirs my creativity, makes me more active with the camera and becomes a fun challenge.

The first entry was called "Forgetting The Game". While I read it and drew some deep philosophical comparisons to the pursuit of photography, I chose to make my assignment more literal and shoot something related to games. Chess and building a business are both very strategic games. And I had a really cheap chess set around. I thought about a portrait shot I'd like to do and would have if I had the outfits. But I can see it in my head. That's exactly what I'm hoping to get out of these exercises. Obviously, this shot isn't it. But I kinda like it. And if I ever get a chance to shoot the other, I know exactly how I'll do it.

Ideas beget ideas. This is gonna be fun.

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